UniCollaboration Conf45

The research activities of UNIcollaboration consist of organizing and promoting events and activities dedicated to:

  • sharing research-related information and expertise
  • strengthening research into online intercultural exchange
  • supporting researchers entering the field

Our research events are likely to include some or all of the following:

  • an online reading group for critiquing and learning from published work
  • an online writing circle for doctoral researchers into online intercultural exchange or preparing for publication
  • webinars for presenting new research, or work-in-progress and exploring promising methodologies (e.g. online ethnography, data analytics, the use of annotation tools, multimodal corpus analysis)
  • a summer school in research methods for the study of online intercultural exchange
  • a workshop in writing funding bids for collaborative research

We plan, as soon as possible, to write and submit an application of our own for funding to support a range of UNIcollaboration research initiatives.

Our work will be shaped initially in discussion with colleagues from across the globe who have kindly offered to share their expertise with us, as members of the UNIcollaboration research group.

With their help we’ll determine priorities and formulate a schedule for the two years leading up to the next UNIcollaboration conference in 2018.

Above all the programme will be determined by UNIcollaboration members, whose input and feedback will enable us to evaluate activities we have organized and plan for the future.  Your views and suggestions are always welcome.

The UNICollaboration research officers are:

  • Tim Lewis, First research officer, Open University UK
  • Elke Nissen, Second research officer, Université Stendhal Grenoble 3, France

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