Designing a collaborative learning task

Working in collaborative teams students design a task involving the use of any of the tools they already know. The focus is on creating an activity which will allow their future students to engage in intercultural learning with a partner group. The students provide different versions of the task so that each of the group members can focus on something relevant to their background. The students organize their tasks according to the structure provided in instructions.

Institution reporting the task:

Technische Universität Dresden

Language of task instructions:


Target Group:

Foreign language teachers



References and acknowledgements:



Collaborative tasks

Estimated Duration:

3 sessions


teacher training, intercultural communicative competence, task-bsed language teaching


task design
teacher training



Language Configurations:

Lingua Franca

Language(s) that the task can be used in:


Dominant language production:

Writing/reading asynchronous

Target Competences:

Teaching skills

Specific pedagogical objectives:

Development of students intercultural awareness and communication skills

Suggested Communication Tools:

Collaborative tools

Suggested Resources:



In your collaborative teams design a task which involves the use of any of the online tools you already know and which allows your respective (future) learners to engage in intercultural learning with a partner group (e.g. in the context of a telecollaborative exchange such as the one you are engaged in yourselves right now!) If you have different learner groups (ESP, EFL, EAP or ESL) make sure that you possibly provide different versions of your task so that each group can focus on something relevant to their course program. Please, organize your task in the following way:

  1. Context: What kind of learners do you teach (age, course program, level of multimodal literary)?
  2. Purpose: What can learners do that they couldn’ t do before after they will have done your task concerning intercultural learning and developing (an aspect of) multimodal literacy?
  3. Procedure: The activities your learners engage in when doing the task. Please, formulate the task(s) for your learners.
  4. Outcome (product): What kind of product does your task (e.g. a list, a written text, a discussion)? When done, post a description of your task to the forum. Look at the tasks that other groups have designed. Post at least one comment/reply to one of the other forums.

Learner Texts:


Document related to the task:


Criteria for Completion:

By the end of this task the students should have provided a procedure for an online activity. They should also be able to specify its context, purpose, and the final product. The disussions should provide evidence for students’ cooperation.

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Carolin Fuchs (Teachers College, NY), Andreas Müller-Hartmann (Unirvesity of Education, Heidelberg)