The image of students in society

A writing task with several phases. Tutors divide their students into groups, they are tasked with researching and collecting information about how students are perceived and writing a short blog post collaboratively. The posts are shared on a forum and language clarifications are sought from the partner institution. A student editorial committee from the partner institution then reviews the posts and selects the best from across the levels to post publically on an open blog. Voting and responses are sought using twitter etc.

Institution reporting the task:

University of Warwick home page

Language of task instructions:


Target Group:




References and acknowledgements:



Collaborative tasks

Estimated Duration:

2 sessions


Student life


collaborative writing



Language Configurations:


Language(s) that the task can be used in:


Dominant language production:

Writing/reading asynchronous

Target Competences:

Language competence

Specific pedagogical objectives:

Understandings of perceptions of a shared culture (student life)

Suggested Communication Tools:

Asynchronous text
Collaborative tools

Suggested Resources:

create a multi-user blog (eg. using blogger), give students short tutorial on writing using google docs.


During the next few weeks we will be discussing and examining this theme (Images des étudiants dans la société). You will work in groups to produce a shared blog post in the target language presenting an aspect of this theme. (eg. money, social life, stress etc) You can use your connections in the partner institution to help woth language correction, all the work will take place beyond the classroom. By (date) you should submit your work to this assignment link.

A small student editorial team from the partner institition will the review the submissions and shoose the best from (levels) These will be published on our public blog and voting and responses will be sought.

Learner Texts:


Document related to the task:


Criteria for Completion:

Appearance of blog posts and reactions from wider public.

Comments and suggestions:

This can be made as simple or as complex as the student level permits. The blog should make it clear that posts are part of a language learning process.


Teresa MacKinnon