Virtual collaboration around European Business topics

This telecollaborative project focuses on current and recent business news that is of European or global interest. The aim is to engage a number of HEI&#39 s from areas of Europe to virtually discuss and debate the topics from differing cultural viewpoints.

Students will be encouraged to interact through social media on structured topic areas but are also suggested to converse on a more informal and social side too to fully embrace the opportunities and experiences available

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Social sciences


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Collaborative tasks

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4 sessions


European Business


european business
intercultural learning
current news
global issues



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Online communication skills

Specific pedagogical objectives:

Development of students understanding of the role of different contexts
Creation of a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere in the groups
Development of students interest in cultural similarities and differences

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Social Networks

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This module will be structured around current news topics relating to European and global business. The student will be expected to discuss and debate with peers from other geographical locations on their views and understanding of the topic issues and perspectives.

Coventry University students will use their communications and interactions to for a reflective portfolio considering both disapline specific and intercultural elements.

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The aim of the project is to bring European Business to life to have real and open discussion with students from differing cultural backgrounds. The aim is to allow students to understand their cultural perspctive and recognise that is may well differ to others in differing geographical locations due to external and internal factors.

This project should allow students to see how it is to work in global virtual groups which should support development of their employability skills and competancies

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