RUG-UB Telecollaboration Project

The RUG-UB Telecollaboration project was set up for 2nd year students of Spanish from the Department of European Languages and Cultures (ETC), University of Groningen (RUG), and students from the Master of Teaching Spanish as a Second Language (MFPELE) from the University of Barcelona (UB). The two participant groups have different main learning goals: one wants to learn Spanish and the other wants to learn how to teach it. Furthermore, this task-based project also seeks to integrate telecollaboration into the curriculum of both programmes. For the language learners, on the one hand, the exchanges aim at improving their communicative skills and their intercultural competences in such a way to prepare them for their stay abroad. The teacher trainees, on the other hand, benefit from the fact that they have real students with whom they put digital tasks in practice as part of their curriculum. Project Team: Joan-Tomàs Pujola Didàctica de la Llengua i la Literatura Universitat de Barcelona Spain Carolina Fernández European Languages and Cultures Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Netherlands Gerdientje Oggel European Languages and Cultures Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Netherlands Juan Albà European Languages and Cultures Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Netherlands

Main Focus:

Learning and Teaching Spanish as L2

Exchange institution(s):

University of Groningen

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Language Configurations:

Language(s) used:


Dominant form of language production:

Speaking/listening synchronous

Target Competences:

Language Comptence
Intercultural Skills
Online Communication Skills
Tutoring Skills
Media Literacy


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What did students think of the project?

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