Chain stories (continued)

Groups of students in two different institutions collaborate together to produce a short story which continues from an opening line given to them by the tutor. Using google docs, the students contribute to a story in their own language as well as one in the target language. They can all edit and add comments, correcting language and changing the direction of the storyline.

Institution reporting the task:

University of Warwick home page

Language of task instructions:


Target Group:

Foreign languages



References and acknowledgements:



Collaborative tasks

Estimated Duration:

4 sessions


story telling




Language Configurations:


Language(s) that the task can be used in:


Dominant language production:

Writing/reading asynchronous

Target Competences:

Language competence
Intercultural skills
Online communication skills
Teaching skills
Media literacy

Specific pedagogical objectives:

Development of students analytical skills

Suggested Communication Tools:

Collaborative tools
Social Networks

Suggested Resources:

All students can see each others stories but should only edit their own.

Here is an example of one Chain story google doc.


This task was part of the 2013-14 Clavier project. A set of google documents were set up containing the instructions and starter phrase for a story in English and a story on french on each document. The names of the groups responsible for progressing the stories (from both universities) were listed at the top of each document. The link to each Chain story was then included in the shared moodle course EWC. The documents were created so that anyone who had access to the link could edit.

The activity was introdcued in class time but was expected to be completed independantly out of class time. A time limit was established at the end of which prizes are to be awarded for the groups creating the best stories.

There were 20 mchain story docs in total. Here is an example of the heading for each document (there were several variations on the story opening sentence)

Our objective is:

to work together to create 2 stories -one in English, the other in French. We have provided the opening sentence, over to you…

The English story.

It all started on Thursday 17th of October…..

Learner Texts:

Document related to the task:


Criteria for Completion:

This task was examined and evaluated for presentation at the Léon conference in February 2014. The full paper is expected to form part of a publication by Rob O&#39 Dowd. I am attaching here examples of how the students interacted through this co-creation task. The task itself is not assessed but students reflect on participation as part of their assessed e-portfolio.

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Teresa MacKinnon Warwick CC BY