Cultural Speaking Exchange

You have to have at least 4 sessions of approx. 40 minutes where you will speak 20 minutes in Spanish and 20 minutes in English.
You have to write a paper in English with what you have talked about during these sessions. What have you learned? What has surprised you most? Etc

1st session: Present yourself, what are you studying, why are you studying this, do you have any siblings, where they live, etc. The university: What is it like. Describe your university, how is normal university day, your subjects, your favorite subjects, why.

2nd session: Free time. Talk about hobbies, what you like to do in your free time, what type of music do you like, movies, museums, cooking, etc. Do you travel? Where have you been, where you would like to go, why or why not, what do you like to do when you travel, etc.

3rd session: Life in your hometown. Talk about your culture, traditions or food of your country. What do you think your partner would enjoy from your country? What would he not, If he came to your city, where would you take him? Why? Where would you not take him? Why not?

4th session. Stereotypes and recap. Talk about things of your country you think would seem strange or that would interest your partner if he came to Spain/Valladolid or USA. Talk about what the average Spaniard/American would know about the other country.

Final project:

You have to write a small essay about your cultural exchange experience. Briefly write about your partner and what you have learned from this experience. What was the most interesting part? What was the most surprising part? How did you feel communicating? Was is it difficult? Did it get better? How did you solve the communications problems if you had any. Did you learn anything about your own culture or identity?

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Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes

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Information exchange

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4 sessions






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