Le français en première ligne

This exchange involves future teachers of French who are completing a Masters Degree in Foreign Language Education (
” Master français langue étrangère” ) and students in Latvia who are studying a degree in French Studies.

The exchange forms part of ” Le français en première ligne” project which engages student teachers of French in authentic online teaching experiences with students of the French language in other countries. The project,
created by Christine Develotte,
has been running since 2002 and has connected student teachers from Besançon, Lyon and Grenoble in France with partners in Australia, the USA, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Cyprus and Latvia.

Pre-mobility eTandem

This eTandem project was set up between students in the US two months before they left for a mobility program to Padova in Italy and university students in Padova who had signed up for an eTandem project to improve their English.

The project was intended to have students doing activities in pairs, as in traditional eTandem, but also to try to form a group with, for example, forum discussions. A Moodle site was set up to provide prompts for pair discussion but also a group dialogue space and also a container to gather reflective diaries and student feedback.