Talking about social, cultural and legal issues

We are looking for partners to talk about the international relations, each culture and social issues. Our students are undergraduate of Law Department in Japan.

They are interested in the peace studies for the future of the world. However, we may talk about each own culture and society. It contributes to our mutual understanding.

We would like to talk in group, probably 20-30 students. Firstly, we would have some skype talking among some students in order to decide the topic. Before all, we wish to have your inquiry through this site and after exchange of e-mail address. Also you may inquire through the skype (Please indicate UNI Collaboration ).

The picture shows a skype meeting with French students, introducing each culture. Students could get friend from France. We can also use video conferencing (simultaneous long-distance class meeting through internet with 5 connecting points). You may use either device. I believe the collaboration will reform our future education in universities in the world.