Expression écrite pour les étudiants de français langue étrangère ( flé ) en utilisant les Documents de Google Drive : Studying French with Shared Web Documents on Google Drive

Online French Guided Writing project between a British university and a French university between 2012 and 2013 using freely available tools from Google. The group learning French are an Intermediate level group of 41 students mainly anglophone British but with 3 Mandarin speakers who are familiar with operating in an anglophone learning environment. The focus of the paper is on the Web 2.0 technologies used by the collaborative groups as they prepare for an In-Class test (summative examination at the end of the two terms, December and April).

Chansons d’hiver

A video sharing activity which gives cultural background to celebrations during winter.

A forum is created and students are asked to share their favourite christmas songs. They can use links to youtube, make a group video or record audio singing their favourite winnter song.

Getting to know you

This online profile creation task is the opening task once our students arrive in the shared online area, EWC. It is a useful initial language activity as students have to draft and upload the information and also discuss in class the nature of their online identity for this virtual exchange.

Students have the option of adding a video recorded presentation or audio recording to introduce themselves using the integrated audio/video tools. They can also contribute to fora that are of interest to them (multiple fora are available on a range of topics e.g. music, film, politics, sport.

Talking about social, cultural and legal issues

We are looking for partners to talk about the international relations, each culture and social issues. Our students are undergraduate of Law Department in Japan.

They are interested in the peace studies for the future of the world. However, we may talk about each own culture and society. It contributes to our mutual understanding.

We would like to talk in group, probably 20-30 students. Firstly, we would have some skype talking among some students in order to decide the topic. Before all, we wish to have your inquiry through this site and after exchange of e-mail address. Also you may inquire through the skype (Please indicate UNI Collaboration ).

The picture shows a skype meeting with French students, introducing each culture. Students could get friend from France. We can also use video conferencing (simultaneous long-distance class meeting through internet with 5 connecting points). You may use either device. I believe the collaboration will reform our future education in universities in the world.

Creating a group identity

International groups meet in a skype session where they get to know each other further based on their personal presentations, by asking their partners about their presentations. Tasks for the chat are:

1. Find a group name

2. Talk about the cities/towns you live in

Cultura surveys

Based on the Cultura surveys. Adapted from Furstenberg and Levet 2001, we set up 3 types of anonymous survey in google forms to be completed in the mother tongue of the students. They were encouraged to complete these without spending too much time thinking about their answers so that we could collect their instinctive reactions. The results would then be analysed by students who were learning that language and use the information as a basis for discussion about their assumptions of the cultural norms of the country whose language they were studying.