Elections UNICollaboration Board 2018-2020

After our first two years of work together, it is time for UNICollaboration to undertake its first election process for its executive board.

Our statutes say that the Executive Board will be re-elected in a staggered manner in order to ensure a balance between continuity and renewal. This means that we have asked for nominations for various positions on the board. Below you can see the board positions which are up for renewal and you can also see the nominations for each position.

Those UNICollaboration members who attend the UNICollaboration conference in Krakow this April will have the opportunity to vote for the nominees. You can see the nomination forms by clicking on each person’s name.


Candidate 1 Candidate 2      
President Sarah Guth
Vice President Breffni O’Rourke
Second research officer Francesca Helm Tim Lewis
First publications officer Carolin Fuchs
Second publications officer Muge Satar
Second training officer Carine Ullom
Second communications officer Shannon Sauro
Treasurer Robert O’Dowd
Secretary Sake Jager


Nomination Forms