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This virtual exchange aims at developing B2 level business students' language and communication skills. The group is made of 30-32 International Management students. As an English-language teacher, I am looking for ways to fuel my students' keen interest in cooperating with people from a diverse background through meaningful interactions. Therefore, our students would work together on a business project while practising their language and communication skills and enriching their cross-cultural experiences. My experience is limited in VE teaching, but I have obtained a certificate after following a class in which I actually produced a detailed VE lesson plan. So, I already have a few suggestions, but I am open to any other content. The dates are preferably September to December or January to May.

Learning outcomes

Language skills
Intercultural competences

Additional information and comments

This VE would preferably take place exclusively in English. However, I am open to adapting the content to accomodate English-speaking students learning French. This could therefore be a project in which French and English would be used.




023 Languages

Number of students

21 - 50


09/11/2022 - 12/16/2022

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IUT Sénart Fontainebleau UPEC



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