Job application at Sussex & León universities

This project was designed with the aim of supporting students&#39

There was a total of 39 students divided into
6 groups of 4/5 students each at Sussex and 25 students at Leon
in teams of 4
each, representing a commercial company.

Every group in
each country had to design a job advert in their target language for a vacant position, to go to the partner institution . Once the adverts were received by students in both
they decided which one they wanted to apply for. They sent their cv and a letter of application in their target language to the other institution and waited to see whether they had been shortlisted for the job they had applied for.

Studens in both institutions met in their groups to decide which candidates they wanted to shortlist and
interview live.
All students participated in
live interviews that took place via video-conferencing either as a candidate (interviewee) or as part of a team of
recruiters (interviewer).