Open-to all training courses

If you are looking for our open-to-all courses which you can join on an individual basis, please go to:

Introduction to Virtual Exchange

Virtual Exchange Project Design

Customised Training

UNICollaboration also offers customised training for institutions, organisations and individuals. Please read the information below to better understand what we can offer and contact us at training[at] if you need further information.

Training for Organisations

Is your organisation . . .

  • curious about what it would take to launch a virtual exchange initiative?
  • considering including virtual exchange in your internationalisation strategy?
  • looking for experts who can train your staff in designing virtual exchange experiences?
  • interested in brief webinars to introduce administrators and international education faculty to virtual exchange?
  • ready to provide additional professional development to educators already engaged in virtual exchanges with expert training?
  • interested in helping the staff research virtual exchange?

We offer a variety of training formats to suit your needs

  • 90-minute interactive webinar on a focused topic of your choosing (see list of topics below)
    • 3-hour workshop on a focused topic of your choosing
    • 3-6 weeks asynchronous online training
    • 2-4 hours across 2-4 days synchronous online training
  • On-site training at your venue, usually 1-2 days as part of an intensive staff development program
  • Workshops connected to a conference or seminar (e.g., a pre-conference workshop or a workshop as a conference session)

Further details

  • The language of instruction is English. For options in other languages, please contact us.
  • Participation in our activities and training programmes is recognised through the issue of digital badges.

Training topics

Our bespoke training can include any of the following topics:

  • Introduction to Virtual Exchange (an in-depth overview for HE administrative staff, instructional designers, and teaching staff )
  • Designing and implementing a class-to-class Virtual Exchange (for teaching staff and instructional designers) 
  • Choosing technologies and tools to support and foster Virtual Exchange
  • Virtual Exchange as part of your internationalisation strategy
  • Planning for Success: designing and implementing a VE to prepare for physical mobility
  • Virtual Exchange for specific disciplines (e.g., business, media, languages, etc.)
  • Intercultural competence development in Virtual Exchange
  • Instructional design for Virtual Exchange (course-level design and task-level design)
  • Criticality in Virtual Exchange (power dynamics, critical digital literacy, etc.)
  • Assessing the impact of your Virtual Exchanges
  • Researching Virtual Exchange


We offer 1:1 support for instructors/tutors as well as administrative and technical support staff who are developing a Virtual Exchange project.

Sample consulting topics

  • Assessing your institution’s readiness for Virtual Exchange
  • Engaging with your institutional leaders in strategic planning around Virtual Exchange
  • Intensive orientation to VE with institutional leaders and stakeholders
  • Preparing materials for your Internationalisation at Home strategic plan to include Virtual Exchange
  • Assistance with grant-writing for projects related to Virtual Exchange

About Us

Training Team

The current UNICollaboration Training Officer is:

  • Malgorzata (Gosia) Kurek, Jan Dlugosz University, Poland


  • Ana Beaven, Univeristy of Bologna, Italy
  • Sarah Guth, University of Padova, Italy
  • Mirjam Hauck, The Open University, UK
  • Sara Pittarello, UNICollaboration
  • Lorenza Bacino, UNICollaboration
  • Rita Koris, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Hungary

Occasional guest speakers:

  • Teresa MacKinnon
  • Francesca Helm

Contact & Requests

If you’re interested in knowing more about our training offerings in general please contact us at training[at] 

We look forward to collaborating with you to create 
meaningful, well-designed, and lasting virtual exchange projects!