Virtual Exchange Project Design


The Virtual Exchange Project Design course takes the participants through the various steps of defining intended learning outcomes, task design, choice of technological tools, assessment, and evaluation of opportunities and challenges, so that they will be ready to implement their project upon finishing the course.


The Virtual Exchange Project Design course is aimed primarily at professors and teaching staff interested in designing and implementing a class-to-class Virtual Exchange project. As class-to-class projects need to be co-designed in order to be successful, we recommend that partners from the two (or more) institutions involved train together.


The course lasts five weeks, and consists mostly of asynchronous tasks and activities which participants can work on when it’s more convenient to them. Every week (usually on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning), there is also a 90-minute synchronous session on Zoom, involving small-group activities and plenary discussions. You can expect to spend 4-5 hours per week engaging with the materials, completing short tasks, and participating in the weekly meetings. 


The language of instruction is English used as a Lingua Franca.


Participants will receive a digital badge on completion of the course (including participation in at least 4 out of the 5 synchronous sessions).


Upcoming courses

Monday 4th April to Sunday 8th May 2022

Monday 7th November to Sunday 4th December  2022

Cost: 300 euros per person.


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