Whether you’re looking for bespoke training for your organisation or general training open to anyone… whether you’re looking for onsite or online training… whether you need consulting or training, our team of experts is ready to support your efforts to learn more about and promote virtual exchange.

Introduction to Virtual Exchange

Online, asynchronous course: January 18 to February 14, 2021; Open to all.
Course description, registration form, and fee information coming soon.

Training for Organizations

Is your organization . . .

  • curious about what it would take to launch a virtual exchange initiative?
  • considering including virtual exchange in your internationalization strategy?
  • looking for experts who can train your faculty in designing virtual exchange experiences?
  • interested in brief webinars to introduce administrators and international education faculty to virtual exchange?
  • ready to provide additional professional development to educators already engaged in virtual exchanges with expert training?
  • interested in helping the faculty research virtual exchanges?

We offer a variety of training formats to suit your needs

Note: Training for organisations is highly customized to fit each context.  The following are meant as examples.

  • Online training (asynchronous):
    • 4-6 weeks, Moodle LMS
    • Includes 3-4 interactive synchronous sessions
  • Online training (synchronous)
    • 1-6 hours; 1-2 days
    • Zoom video conferencing
  • On-site training at your venue, usually 1-2 days as part of an intensive faculty development program*
  • Workshops connected to a conference or seminar (e.g., a pre-conference workshop or a workshop as a conference session)*

Some details

  • Institutional membership in UNICollaboration is not required, but is strongly advised and appreciated.
  • Ideal group size is 15-20.  We can accommodate multiple groups from the same organization at the same time or at different times.  Additionally, we can accommodate multiple groups who are enrolled in differing versions/training topics.  (See training topics below.)
  • Ideal lead time to prepare a bespoke training for organizations is three months.
  • Our initial consultation (one hour) is offered free of charge.
  • The language of instruction is English.  We have trainers who can interact (in writing and during video meetings) in Spanish, but the training materials and the learning interface is in English.

*Our trainers are located all over Europe and in the US.  However, we can provide training anywhere around the globe.

Training topics

Our bespoke training can include any of the following topics:

  • introduction to virtual exchange (for faculty, staff, and/administrators)
  • designing and implementing a class-to-class virtual exchange (beginner and advanced)
  • virtual exchange as part of your internationalization strategy
  • choosing technologies and tools to support and foster virtual exchange
  • virtual exchange for specific disciplines (e.g., business, media, languages, etc.)
  • designing a “pre departure orientation” for your students
  • intercultural competence development in virtual exchange
  • instructional design in virtual exchange (course-level design and task-level design)
  • developing the intercultural competence of faculty who will teach a course with an embedded virtual exchange
  • criticality in virtual exchange (power dynamics, critical digital literacy, etc.)
  • managing conflict in virtual exchange (between students, between faculty partners)
  • assessing the impact of your virtual exchanges
  • researching virtual exchanges

Training for Individuals

As an individual, are you . . .

  • looking for an introduction to virtual exchange?
  • looking for a partner for your virtual exchange? (We have a Partner Finding Tool!)
  • ready to take a short course on developing your own virtual exchange?

Training Sessions

Upcoming training sessions and events

  • University of Trier (July & September 2020) (Private Event)
  • University System of Spain (October-November 2020) (Private Event)
  • University of Freiburg (October 2020) (Private Event)
  • Introduction to Virtual Exchange – January 18 to February 14, 2021; Open to all.  Registration and fee information coming soon.

Previous training sessions and events

  • University of Florida: Faculty Development for Virtual Exchange (Mar-Apr 2019)
  • Third Telecollaboration Conference, Krakow, April 2018
  • ICCAGE Conference, Prague, June 2017
  • IALIC Conference, Barcelona, November 2016


Sample consulting topics

  • Assessing your institution’s readiness for virtual exchange
  • Engaging with your institutional leaders in strategic planning around virtual exchange
  • Intensive orientation to VE with institutional leaders and stakeholders
  • Preparing materials for your Internationalization at Home strategic plan to include virtual exchange
  • Assistance with grant-writing for projects related to virtual exchange

Please contact us so we can discuss whether your needs are a match for our expertise.  Our consulting services are available at both hourly and daily rates.

About Us

The fine print

Although we are a not-for-profit organization, our training services are fee based.  The monies collected from the training provide one source of income that helps to sustain the organisation and pay for the technical infrastructure (e.g., LMS, video conferencing, web site, etc.) necessary to provide the training. Please contact us (see below) for pricing information.  That said, our initial consultation (one hour) is offered at no charge.  During this meeting, we will engage in mutual discovery to discern if there is a match between your organizational needs and our expertise and whether your timeline matches our capacity/availability.

We are happy to put you in touch with leaders of organizations with whom we have worked so that you can hear directly from them about their satisfaction with our services.

Training Team

The UNICollaboration Lead Trainers are:

  • Malgorzata (Gosia) Kurek, First training officer, Jan Dlugosz University, Poland
  • Carine Ullom, Second training officer, Ottawa University, USA

Contact us to discuss how we can support you and your organisation in implementing and sustaining virtual exchange:

We look forward to collaborating with you to create
meaningful, well-designed, and lasting virtual exchange projects!