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Silesian University of Technology


We are currently witnessing tremendous changes in our world. Information technologies are developing at a fast pace. Many of us would like to answer the question of how these processes affect people's lives, how much they enhance information exchange, and our learning processes, and whether innovative technologies have organized our lives or, on the contrary, have complicated them. We would like to answer the question of how the progress of science and technology can protect and save the natural environment and help win the fight against the factors that destroy the planet. You can also consider the vision of a modern man living in harmony with nature. These are the topics we propose for discussion within telecollaboration. We are also open to suggestions from our partner. As means of communication, we will use ZOOM or a similar platform. We propose to use a form of presentation of topics followed by a discussion.

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Language skills
Intercultural competences

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My name is Hanna Brdys. I am an adjunct at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Upper Silesia, Poland. I work at the Katowice branch of the University at the Foreign Languages Centre at Katowice, which is an interfaculty unit whose main function is to provide courses in foreign languages to students at the Silesian University of Technology. I give courses in the English language to students at the B2/C1 level. These courses include material in technical English, necessary for mastery by future engineers. However, I have noticed that many students are interested in matters that go far beyond the obligatory technical material.




0231 Language acquisition

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6 - 10


03/05/2023 - 04/30/2023

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Silesian University of Technology



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