UNICollaboration membership

By becoming a member of UNICollaboration, you can help us to promote telecollaboration practice and research and further policy development in this area.

In return for your support you will receive:

  • A discount on our bi-annual conferences;
  • Access to the UNICollaboration mailing list, with regular updates on our activities, information on policy developments and funding opportunities, etc.;
  • A discount on our research events;
  • Priority in applications for training / research events;
  • Support for finding partners for telecollaborative projects.

We are also planning an new online journal; once this is established, we will consider which additional benefits members may have with regard to access to this journal.

Types of membership

Individuals and students may register for personal memberships. In addition, (non-commercial) institutions may take out institutional memberships. This will allow them to participate in UNICollaboration events and activities with an unrestricted number of members of staff from the same institution at a reduced rate. Commercial memberships are also possible. This allows commercial institutions or companies to take part in UNICollaboration events and activities with one representative.

Membership rates

The current (2017) membership rates are:

  • Individual members: 40€
  • Student members: 25€
  • Institutional members: 140€
  • Commercial members: 200€


Please register as a member of UNICollaboration by completing the registration form. You need a PayPal account or creditcard for making your payment.