Transnational EVE projects (TEPs) are curriculum-based virtual exchanges jointly developed by two or more educators and/or youth workers located in different countries with the training and support of UNICollaboration. TEPs can be developed around the development of skills (e.g. photography, citizen journalism, foreign languages), contemporary issues (e.g. the environment, activism, migration) or subject-specific curricula (e.g. artificial intelligence, child development, immigration law) to view the course content from different perspectives adding an international and intercultural dimension. TEPs are designed to engage young people in sustained interaction with peers across the Mediterranean and to foster the development of participants’ language and communication skills, digital literacies, team-working and problem-solving skills in addition to enriching their understanding of course content.

In order to prepare partners to design their own TEP, UNICollaboration offers Basic and Advanced Training for educators and youth workers and their support teams, such as staff providing technical, pedagogical, or administrative support. During the implementation of the TEP, UNICollaboration assigns a mentor to support teams as well as trained facilitators to run and manage small-group synchronous video sessions to be held at least 2-3 times during the TEP.

Start dates

Basic Training (Introduction to virtual exchange and TEPs): March 2018 (4 weeks online with a time commitment of 2-3 hours per week)
Advanced Training (TEP design and implementation issues): April 2018 (8 weeks online with a time commitment of 4-5 hours per week) N.B A second Advanced Training might be implemented in June-July 2018 if there is enough interest.
Implementation of TEPs: September-October 2018

Type of partners sought

University educators from any discipline and youth workers interested in developing TEPs on specific themes. Generally TEPs, especially the first time they are implemented, do not involve the creation of a new course but involve adapting existing course curricula together with partners and UNICollaboration tutors.

Type of participants sought

University students, young people associated with youth associations and disenfranchised youth such as refugees and unemployed youth


All those interested in taking part in this free, innovative program will be required to take the Basic training that begins in March 2018. Those who will then commit to developing a TEP will be required to take the Advanced training, one edition beginning in April 2018 and the other in May 2018, in order to guarantee the projects’ implementation for the beginning of autumn 2018.

Deadline for registering for the Basic training: February 16, 2018

To register for the Basic Training, show interest in the program or ask questions, click here.

Contact: eve@unicollaboration.org