VE and Telecollaboration Bibliography

Bibliography on Virtual Exchange and Telecollaboration in Zotero

The UNICollaboration team has started an online bibliography on Virtual Exchange and Telecollaboration in Zotero.

The aim of this repository is to offer bibliographic references exclusively on the theme of Virtual Exchange, telecollaboration and its related areas – COIL, e-tandem etc. The bibliography currently holds approximately 250 references. In the coming months we hope to be able to add many more references to publications which are specifically related to Virtual Exchange.

The bibliography is collaborative. Any UNICollaboration member who creates a Zotero account and requests permission to join our library can then access it, upload more references and download formatted bibliographies etc. Additions should be published articles, chapters, book publications or theses which explicitly deal with Virtual Exchange. References which deal with, for example, online learning or intercultural learning in general, will not be accepted.

Information on adding references

Members of UNICollaboration can request access once they have created an account here.

When you log into Zotero and have been granted access to our group, you can add new references, download the bibliography in different bibliographical forms (APA etc.) and you can also access the full text if that is uploaded with the reference. (Please do not upload full texts if you do not have permission to do so!)

References can be added by using the ‘new item’ option or by adding the identifier (doi etc.), which is much easier.

In order to ensure some basic standards in the bibliography, UNICollaboration will retain the right to delete any references which are not appropriate.