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Faculty of Economics and Business in Osijek


This virtual exchange course (AI as a Tool for Learning EFL) offers a unique opportunity for students to enhance their English language skills (such as EFL or ESP) through the exploration and utilization of contemporary artificial intelligence tools. This course allows for a variety of topics to be covered, ensuring a tailored and relevant learning experience for students of both parties. Through collaborative activities, students will develop their language proficiency, digital literacy, and intercultural competences in a dynamic and engaging virtual environment. During the course, students will work in pairs or small groups, consisting of participants from different countries or cultural backgrounds to ensure global connectivity and foster intercultural dialogue. The course will be facilitated by experienced language professors to ascertain a smooth and enriching learning experience. The length of the course is dependent upon agreement with the partner institution. Prior experience in Virtual Exchange programs and partnerships with higher education institutions are preferred.

Learning outcomes

Digital literacy
Language skills
Intercultural competences

Additional information and comments

Mia Cirkveni, PhD;; Lecturer for Business English




023 Languages

Number of students

6 - 10


2023/10/22 - 2024/01/21 (YYYY/MM/DD)

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Faculty of Economics and Business in Osijek Department of Interdisciplinary Courses
Faculty of Economics and Business in Osijek



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