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International Humanitarian University, Odessa


We offer potential partners to organize several joint online events for students in 2023. Areas of our interests are the following: international business, world economy, European integration, international relations, sustainable development, international law and others. Ready to discuss all options. 1. Virtual exchange of students within 2 agreed courses. One is ours and one is from a partner. 2. Student forum or round table on agreed topic. All participants will be provided with certificates in electronic format. The option of long-term cooperation, the signing of a bilateral agreement, would also be a priority. We consider options for the exchange of trachers, student, research and other projects.

Learning outcomes

Digital literacy
Intercultural competences
Disciplinary skills
Transversal/soft skills

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Chair of Economics and International economic relations International humanitarian university (Odessa, Ukraine)




041 Business and administration

Number of students

11 - 20


2023/03/05 - 2023/05/05 (YYYY/MM/DD)

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