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Hostos Community College, Bronx, New York


I am interested in linking with a class in criminal justice or law. I am very open to another discipline so if you have a class where justice can be the topic of the engagement, that would be wonderful as well. I believe that the cross cultural communication skills and the global learning competencies are the main benefits of VE/COIL. I would like to have about 1-2 months prior to the project to collaborate with a professor in order to set up a successful VE/COIL. My students are community college sophomores who are very enthusiastic and hard working. They often have other responsibilities outside of class but they all remain in the class the full semester and are very conscientious. I have participated in training in VE and I have created a professional development training for a program funded by the Stevens Initiative. I have participated in three COIL linkages, one with an international criminal justice course in The Hague, with a cybersecurity class in Brazil and data privacy course in Paris. I have completed a SOLIYA Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation course and I have given three presentation on VE/COIL at international conferences during 2020/2021. I have been teaching online for 20 years and I am chair of the newly established COIL committee on campus.

Learning outcomes

Intercultural competences
Transversal/soft skills

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022 Humanities (except languages)

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21 - 50


2022/02/01- 2022/05/12 (YYYY/MM/DD)

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Hostos Community College, Bronx, New York Behavioral & Social Sciences
Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY (2) Criminal Justice & Law



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