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I will be teaching a new course this year within the Department of Tourism, and am looking for an exchange partner for one or both semesters. The course is called "Destination Studies" and in the first semester will focus primarily on Japan, and in the second, some other region of the world (TBD, most likely the country or region my exchange partner is from). Ideally it would be great to work with someone from an equally well-known tourist destination, and our students could learn and present about alternative options when visiting our respective destinations. At the moment, the majority of the students will be Japanese, but there will some international students as well. Although many of the students study second or third languages, the primary language will be in English. The make-up of the class changes from year-to-year, but the average would be a B1/B2 level of English. However, I am not opposed to partnering with someone whose students are studying Japanese, and I'm open to working with teachers from any country in the world. My last 2 exchanges were done primarily asynchronously because of the time differences, so I'm comfortable working in that format. I like the idea of tourism students from different cultures/countries working together, but I'd be happy to work with a class studying in a different field, if there is a way to make it viable for both classes. Note: Semesters in Japan run from mid-April to late July (spring/summer) and from late September to late January (fall/winter). I have done 2 other VE projects in the past with a partner university in Canada, and we were able to run a 6-7 week program within our teaching terms without any issues.

Learning outcomes

Digital literacy
Language skills
Intercultural competences
Transversal/soft skills

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Please note: even though I've listed Apr-July as a possible time for this course (most likely to run the VE project in May/June), the second semester (late Sept to late January) is another option that I am looking at as well. The class will likely be around 20-30 students, but I won't know until closer to the start of the semester.




1015 Travel tourism and leisure

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21 - 50


2022/05/01 - 2022/07/27 (YYYY/MM/DD)

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Kyoto University of Foreign Studies British and American Studies



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