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Univerity of Girona


'Documentation and Data Management' is a subject that has been taught in the second course of the Advertising and Public Relations Degree (University of Girona - Spain). It is a subject from the Library and Information Science area and is related to information literacy. For the first semester of the 2022-2023 academic year (September-December), we want to start a Virtual Exchange (VE) with another university to continue developing language skills (the subject is taught in English) and enhance the intercultural skills of students. It is proposed that one of the products could be a transmedia campaign to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or to develop scientific research in the knowledge area of communication. However, the subject is flexible enough to include any other content. Other activities or learning outcomes may also be included depending on the agreements that may be reached with the other participating university.

Learning outcomes

Digital literacy
Intercultural competences
Transversal/soft skills

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0322 Library information and archival studies

Number of students

11 - 20


2022/09/18 - 2022/12/18 (YYYY/MM/DD)

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Univerity of Girona



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