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Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts


To gain more experience with COIL and virtual exchange we've set up a COIL project last year as a form of professional development with teaching staff from three institutions (Amsterdam, Brussels and Kenyatta). The central topic of this Virtual Exchange project was ‘Encompassing all Voices’ in which we question the balance of power within our curricula and ask ourselves how we can include more voices and points of view in what and how we teach. The partners involved last year want to repeat this project to enhance our learning curve both in organising virtual exchange projects as in the topic of decolonisation in higher edcuation. We're looking for preferably 2 extra African universities to partner with us to balance out 'the voices' in this project. Experience has learned that time zone wise we better limit ourselves to partners on two continents. We're planning this virtual exchange project in the Spring semester (February - March 2022) We have a double goal for this project: Lecturers learn how to work with virtual exchange from a participant’s perspective. Professors are aware of the power balance in their degree programme, their subject and field of study/work. Professors are motivated to encompass more voices and points of view in their degree programme or subject course.

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