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University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg


At the University of Wuerzburg (JMU) we’d like to set up an “ad hoc” TEP (Transnational Exchange Project) for (student) tutors to enable them to reflect their own (inter-)cultural assumptions, beliefs and practices when engaging with their fellow students. This may include various contexts, such as tutorials or workshops run by tutors, face-to-face or group mentoring and advisement or activities in more informal buddy-programmes, etc.. The underlying idea is that in interculturally diverse learning settings tutors take a very special role as hierarchically equal and potentially more approachable contact persons for local and international students and ultimately as facilitators of intercultural dialogue in higher education. We’d like to link the principles of transnational online-facilitated-dialogue with already existing training/qualification programs for tutors at JMU - namely KOMPASS a project that offers student tutors at all faculties qualification workshops (which are recognized by a certificate), and the Writing Center gives tutors the opportunity to be trained (and certified) as writing tutors. It would make a lot of sense, if E+VE facilitators ran the synchronous sessions in this TEP, for asynchronous activities we use MOODLE as our LMS. We have developed a task sequence for a face-to-face workshop on the same topic as well as for a non-VE synchronous & asynchronous online-workshop. So far, our plan is to start with an online-socialisation one week prior to the workshop and then run the intervention over the course of 3 weeks with one synchronous session (1,5h each) and asynchronous activities (1,5h/week), reflection-session at the end of the semester, in total: 12 x 45 mins. This can be shared and modified with our partner(s). The TEP will be developed, run and evaluated following a design based research approach. If this corresponds with our partners research aims, that would be ideal; otherwise we’d make sure that our research aims don’t add to the workload of our partner(s).

Learning outcomes

Digital literacy
Language skills
Intercultural competences
Transversal/soft skills

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11 - 20


2020/10/01 - 2020/11/30 (YYYY/MM/DD)

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University of Wuerzburg (2) Chair of School Pedagogy
University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg



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