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Conestoga College, Ontario
University of Florida (2)


The University of Florida’s online master’s program in Mass Communication is seeking graduate or upper level undergraduate courses in communications/business/related fields to partner with. This will be our program's second year offering virtual exchange, and our university has been engaging in virtual exchange projects for over four years. We are in the Eastern time zone. In this course, the students will learn how to determine client needs, advise executives, create innovative tactics, coordinate partnerships, and team engagement for non-profit organizations and governments. The course specializes in building awareness for organizations committed to integral domestic or worldwide support in humanitarian assistance, environmental/wildlife advocacy, government services, social justice, disaster relief, health/human services, ethical economic practices, and education progression. The students will learn to navigate through the non-for-profit and government landscapes for successful strategic communication plan development as well as manage clients. By adding VE to this course, we hope our students will gain intercultural competencies, teamwork skills, and enhanced knowledge of communications topics. We would like the VE to take place during the 2022-2023 school year.

Learning outcomes

Intercultural competences

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03 Social sciences journalism and information

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11 - 20


2022/08/24 - 2023/04/26 (YYYY/MM/DD)

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University of Florida (2) College of Journalism and Communications


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