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Dr. Nicole Blair is a faculty member in in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at University of Washington, Tacoma. She is hoping to implement COIL in the following course: Studies in English Literature: The Windrush Generation. Nicole says: "In this course, students will learn the story of a generation of Jamaican immigrants known as The Windrush Generation. These immigrants left Jamaica after WWII, making their way to England which they had been taught was their “motherland.” Instead of being welcomed to their new homes, they were treated with fear and scorn. However, they persisted in their new home, bringing to England their art, literature, and music, enriching the British culture and effecting change throughout the country. In my COIL course, I would like to partner with a British professor and their students in order to gain a deeper perspective and understanding of this important time in British history. What happened in England has happened across the world. My hope is that this course will broaden the perspective of American students as well as students in the British course regarding race, ethnicity, diversity and the principle and practice of inclusion." Please let me know if you happen to have a faculty member in mind who may be interested in collaborating.

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0232 Literature and linguistics

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