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This course is for students in our Honors College called "The Moral of the Story". It is a course that is outside of the students' major. So, the class will be made of students from a variety of majors. Honors College students take a junior or senior-level seminar of their choice. These seminars are usually interdisciplinary. My course will look at how narratives / stories (short fiction and film) shape the way we think about and conceptualize ethical topics and issues. I would love a partner who could watch one or two of the same films and / or read one or two of the same literary works. For the virtual exchange, I was thinking student could discuss the stories in groups or two or small groups and share what they learned from their international partners with their classmates. I would like to work with a partner school outside of the United States or Canada. The exchange would not take too much time. I would expect that the students might meet two or three times total during the course of the semester with their partners. If the time worked, I could zoom in my class at the beginning of the semester so that the students could get to know one another.

Learning outcomes

Intercultural competences
Transversal/soft skills

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0223 Philosophy and ethics

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6 - 10



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