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This virtual exchange approaches global learning from an open perspective meaning we have many different disciplines of students who are freshmen at DePaul University who are learning to write across the curriculum. Therefore, the learning outcomes for this course include global experiences, soft and intercultural skills, ethics and care for the environment rather than technical goals. I have worked in VE's with many diverse learners from all disciplines and levels of higher education which makes the interaction enriched. We play simulation games to learn the complexities of siting a nuclear waste facility, and some of the international concerns as they relate to ethics, human rights, public health and safety, environment, and energy. National security issues related to a debate on reprocessing are also included. Students enjoy the interactive learning activities. Therefore, all majors are welcome. I am seeking a partner in France to join in this course for Winter Quarter which is early January to end of March 2021. There is options for funding and grants from a couple of sources. We also may be teaming with a partner where the materials were mined to learn about the social justice consequences to that Nation. The interaction will not consume the entire quarter course but will include weeks of preparation using intercultural reflections and a couple of synchronous meetings plus the game simulation. Please reach out to me at

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Transversal/soft skills

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There is some opportunities with this course for research.




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11 - 20


2021/01/04 - 2021/03/31 (YYYY/MM/DD)

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DePaul University



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