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University of Léon, Léon (2)


This Virtual Exchange is an online collaborative project that combines sustainability themes and the use of online technologies in order to develop students’ linguistic, intercultural, digital skills as well as their ecological awareness. The exchange has been designed for students of a B2/C1 level in English and can be carried out over a timespan of 7 to 9 weeks depending on the needs of the participant institutions. The exchange would start in early October and finish on 15 December 2021.

Learning outcomes

Digital literacy
Language skills
Intercultural competences
Transversal/soft skills

Additional information and comments

More details on the Virtual Exchange can be seen here: However, all the tasks can be negotiated with the partner teachers beforehand. Contact for more information.




02 Arts and humanities

Number of students

21 - 50


2021/10/04 - 2021/12/15 (YYYY/MM/DD)

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