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Dear colleagues, Please note that this is not a "normal" VE proposal and I'm not looking for a partner class for university students. I'm specifically looking for teacher educators, who would like to explore the affordances of Social VR as part of a Virtual Exchange for teacher educators. In my PhD thesis I'm developing, implementing and evaluating a professional development concept that addresses media-related educational competences for teacher educators with an intercultural focus in collaboration with a colleague from Human-Computer-Interaction. I'm looking for a small international convenience sample of colleagues, who would like to participate in our pilot study around March/April 2022. The idea is to connect teacher educators in avatar-based online facilitated dialogue and/or story circles and to collaboratively explore, reflect & design learning scenarios that integrate social VR to facilitate intercultural learning. I'd be particularly happy to benefit from the expertise in this community to be honest. There's a downside to it though. Unfortunately it won't be feasible to send the VR-Equipment to colleagues outside my own university. You should have access to one of these Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) Oculus Rift S2 HP Reverb G2 HTC Vive Pro HTC Vive Focus 3 Pico Neo 2 Please do get in touch or share the word. I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Learning outcomes

Digital literacy
Intercultural competences
Transversal/soft skills

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0113 Teacher training without subject specialisation

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6 - 10



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University of Wuerzburg (2) Chair of School Pedagogy
University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg



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