Pedagogical University (pl: Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny), main building, 2 Podchorazych, Krakow

The campus of the Pedagogical University in Krakow includes 4 buildings, all of them  located in the city centre. The Conference would take place in the main building, in two lecture halls (seating 200 each) and a number of rooms (seating 20-30) as well as a number of computer labs (if needed; seating 16-20). All the buildings have wi-fi connection, beamers and adequate computer facilities.




Krakow is Poland’s second largest city and the country’s main tourist destination. The city remains the culture capital of Poland and its seven universities and nearly twenty other institutions of higher education make Krakow the country’s principal center of science and learning.

Following its rich history, the city boasts hundreds of historical buildings ranging from medieval churches to Art Nouveau edifices. The most popular ancient monuments are Wawel Royal CastleSt. Mary’s Basilica, Barbican, Tyniec Abbey, Old Synagogue and Wieliczka Salt Mine.