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International Virtual Exchange Conference

The bi-annual UNICollaboration conference merged with the International Virtual Exchange Conference in 2019. The first IVEC conference held in Europe is listed below.

IVEC 2020, Newcastle (online), September 2020

IVEC 2020

IVEC 2020 was hosted by Newcastle University in the UK and supported by the State University of New York (SUNY) COIL Center, DePaul University, UNICollaboration, Drexel University, University of Washington Bothell, and East Carolina University. The International Virtual Exchange Conference is the premier event in this growing field, and the supporting institutions each bring with them many years of experience developing, teaching, and researching virtual exchange.

For more information, please visit the IVEC website.

UNICollaboration Conferences

Three international conferences were organised by UNICollaboration.

Pedagogical University, Krakow (Poland), April 2018

Dublin 2016
Dublin 2016

The third conference took place at the Pedagogical University, Krakow from 25 to 27 April 2018.  This conference saw the launch of UNICollboration’s online, open-access peer-reviewed Journal of Virtual Exchange (JVE),  intended a transdisciplinary forum for practitioners and researchers in the field of virtual exchange/telecollaboration in higher education.

More details about this conference can be found here:


Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), April 2016

Dublin 2016
Dublin 2016

The second conference took place at Trinity College Dublin from 21 to 23 April 2016.  On day 2 of the conference, the UNICollaboration association was officially launched during a plenary session with 150 colleagues from various disciplines.

Selected conference papers are available as the following open-access publication:

Jager, Sake; Kurek, Malgorzata; O’Rourke, Breffni. (Eds). (2016). New directions in telecollaborative research and practice: selected papers from the second conference on telecollaboration in higher education. Dublin Ireland:


University of León (Spain), February 2014

The first conference took place at the University of León in Spain in 2014.  It was the closing event of the INTENT project, which brought together more than 140 educators, researchers, mobility coordinators and university management interested in further exploring the integration of online intercultural exchange projects at universities around the globe.  The conference offered participants the opportunity to present examples of good practice and research on the theme of university telecollaboration.

During the conference, the UNICollaboration Position Paper on Virtual Exchange in the European Higher Education Area was drafted, which has since been accepted by many institutions and organisations across Europe and beyond.

More details about this first conference can be found here:

Other conferences


EVALUATE was a European Policy Experiment project led by one of the UNICollaboration founding members, Robert O’Dowd (University of León) with a particular focus on telecollaboration/virtual exchange in initial teacher education. In conjunction with the UNICollaboration organisation, the EVALUATE  project held an international conference for educators and policy makers in León from 4 to 6 September 2019 on the theme of Virtual Exchange and its role in 21st Century Teacher Education. One of the main outcomes presented at the conference was the policy report on the impact of virtual exchange on initial teacher education.

More information about the conference can be found on the Conference Website