Apply to Host the 2020 UNICollaboration Conference

The UNICollaboration conferences have been held to date at the Universidad de León, Spain, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and Krakow, Poland. We are currently looking for expressions of interest in hosting the 2020 conference. As was shared during the most recent conference in Krakow, UNICollaboration has joined a consortium of universities and organisations to host one major event on virtual exchange a year as opposed to having multiple similar events held close to one another. The conference will be called IVEC, i.e. International Virtual Exchange Conference and the first one is going to be hosted by the University of Washington in Tacoma, Washington, US on October 25-26 2019. IVEC will alternate one year in the US and one year in Europe so it comes back to us in Europe in 2020.

UNICollaboration/IVEC conferences should be held during the months of October-November and are expected to be attended by 300 participants.

Organising an international conference of this type can make an important contribution to promoting a third level institution and will give your organisation the opportunity to present their own work in telecollaboration and virtual exchange.

Please note that the UNICollaboration organization cannot provide any financial support for the conference. All costs must be covered by the registration fees and, if necessary, other sources of funding obtained by the organizing committee. Any surplus funds from the conference will be used to finance an open access publication of the conference proceedings. However, IVEC has a committee including members from all organisations that will be able to provide you with support during the planning, website design and registration processes.

If your institution is interested in hosting the conference, please download the UNICollaboration 2020 Proposal document and submit your proposal to by 15 April 2019: