Calling emerging graduates and scholars: Find out more about UNICollaboration SIG and get involved

By Hiba B. Ibrahim
About the Graduate Student SIG: The UNICollaboration Graduate Student Special Interest Group (SIG) on Virtual Exchange was established to give emerging scholars a platform upon which to share ideas and challenges within the larger UNICollaboration organisation.

Similarly, this SIG will offer students opportunities for networking, sharing experiences, and collaborating with one another and UNICollaboration members to strategically contribute to research excellence and training in telecollaboration and VE, in addition to the professional development of emerging scholars in the field.

Through the different SIG activities, we aim to build a multidisciplinary VE community of graduate students who are exploring a variety of issues in the field and to increase the impact of UNICollaboration by promoting diversity and inclusion of academic and professional contributions in VE in different languages and regions worldwide.

Primary Activities of the Graduate Student SIG: With the support of member participation, the SIG is running a variety of activities including academic writing groups, workshops and webinars, informal coffee hours, supporting the organization’s professional development and training programs, research collaborations, and more.