SIGN up to UNICollaboration’s Free upcoming webinar series on coloniality in Virtual Exchange

This upcoming series will focus on ‘Identifying and interrogating Coloniality in Virtual Exchange’

  • Virtual Event 1 – to take place on Friday 19th April 14h-15h CEST online – entitled: ‘Voices from Brazil’- speakers: Kyria Finardi and Ana Salomao
  • Virtual Event 2 – to take place on Friday 17th May 14h-15h CEST online – entitled: ‘Voices from Palestine and Lebanon’ – speakers: Alia Gilbrecht (Palestine) and Nael Alami (Lebanon)
  • Virtual Event 3 – to take place in June, date and time tbc – online – entitled: ‘Voices from South Africa’ – speakers: Divina Jithoo and Samia Chasi

The first event is free for members and non-members. Registration is compulsory. The link may not be shared. Event 2 and 3 are for members only.

If you are not a member, please join us by completing the form accessible from the Join page.

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