Would you like to get more involved in the world of Virtual Exchange? If so, we have some brand new exciting Special Interest Groups you might like to join. Read on if you’d like to know more about our SIGs and what they offer.


UNICollaboration’s special interest groups (SIGs) are subgroups within the organisation. We have set them up to enable those practitioners who share an interest in a particular aspect of Virtual Exchange. They exist for you to share experience, knowledge and research.

This might be graduate students and others interested in networking and developing their research skills through the Graduate Student SIG.

There is also a designated SIG for primary and secondary educators who do Virtual Exchange.

You may be involved in teacher professional development with and through Virtual Exchange and there is a new SIG for you too.

You don’t need to be a Member of UNICollaboration to join a SIG. Having said that, these subgroups can be a great way to learn more about the organisation before becoming a member.


UNICollaboration currently has four SIGs. Our Graduate Student SIG has been successfully active for some time now. Consequently, we launched three new ones in Spring 2024:

European VE/COIL Hub – this SIG aims at facilitating networking, fostering partnerships and building capacity through VE/COIL initiatives within Europe and beyond. If you are interested in joining, you can sign up for the SIG listserve (EU VE Hub) by emailing Sara Pittarello (

The Graduate Student SIG – this is UNICollaboration’s first SIG and brings together graduate students and others who carry out research on Virtual Exchange. Hiba Ibrahim chairs this SIG ( If you are interested in joining, you can sign up for the SIG listserv (UNIColl Grad SIG) by emailing Hiba.

Primary and Secondary Teacher SIG – for Virtual Exchange practitioners at the primary and secondary level and others who have an interest in Virtual Exchange for school-aged populations.

This SIG is home to the teachers who took part in VALIANT’s Virtual Innovation and Support Network Virtual Exchanges (2021-2024). Those interested in joining can sign up for the SIG listserv (UNIColl Teach SIG) by emailing the co-chairs Marie Nilsson ( and Edvina Andersson (

Teacher Professional Development SIG – This SIG is for those involved in teacher professional development. We know that different populations of student teachers and practicing teachers have undertaken many successful Virtual Exchanges. Therefore, if you are interested in joining, please sign up for the SIG listserv (UNIColl Teach Prof Dev SIG) by emailing the co-chairs Malin Reljanovic Glimäng (,) and Hülya Tuncer (


We have made it very easy! Just fill out this google form which will stay open till 25th April 2024 and we will be in touch.