LanguageTwin is an educational video chat platform that allows foreign language students to converse one-on-one with native speakers who are also learning a foreign language, while providing educators a framework for structuring conversations and assessing the performance and progress of their students.

Main Focus:

Language Learning

Exchange institution(s):

University of León

Project website:

Language Twin

Language Configurations:


Language(s) used:

Dominant form of language production:

Speaking/listening synchronous

Target Competences:

Language Comptence


How long did the project last?

No set duration

How was the project organized?


Task types:

Students chat online together using the videochat tool available in the language twin platform. They take turns to have chat sessions in each of the students’ foreign languages.

How were the students assessed?

Teachers can log on to the site and listen to recordings of their students’ conversations. They can then award them a grade for these conversations.

Additional resources:

What worked well?

What did students think of the project?

What challenges did you face?

The video chat tool did not work for the first weeks of the exchange.

What did the teachers think of the project?

What kind of institutional support did you receive?