First article of the special JVE issue is out!

Possibilities of virtual exchange for Internationalisation at Home: Insights from the Global South

The paper discusses the potential of virtual exchange (VE) to promote the development of Internationalisation at Home (IaH) approaches. The researchers undertook the project during the pandemic. The two universities involved are in the Global South: Brazil and Turkey.

The theoretical framework informing the research is that of VE as a strategy to internationalise higher education and English teacher education. The methodology employed is qualitative. It uses content analysis to analyse data collected through reflection reports, interviews, journals, and observations produced by the project informants. These are: preservice English teachers, researchers, teacher trainers and international relations office (IRO) staff in the two institutions involved in the GAZUFES project.

This has been a teacher-led innovation in the two institutions involved. Results are discussed in terms of the challenges and benefits of VE for ELT (English as a Second Language) education in general and IaH in particular through the inclusion of voices and perspectives of different agents in the two institutions. The agents involved in the project are: student teachers, researchers, teacher trainers and IRO staff.

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