Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange for Universities

“One can even say that online intercultural exchange combines the best of internationalization at home and abroad and certainly in a blended learning form that contributes to the realization of global citizenship for all students and academic staff” (Hans de Wit, 2015).

Transnational Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Projects (TEPs) are curriculum-based Virtual Exchanges jointly developed by two or more educators  located in different countries with the training and support of UNICollaboration. TEPs can be developed around the development of skills (e.g. photography, citizen journalism, foreign languages), contemporary issues (e.g. the environment, activism, migration) or subject-specific curricula (e.g. artificial intelligence, child development, immigration law) to view the course content from different perspectives adding an international and intercultural dimension. TEPs are designed to engage young people in sustained interaction with peers across the Mediterranean and to foster the development of participants’ language and communication skills, digital literacies, team-working and problem-solving skills in addition to enriching their understanding of course content.

Type of partners sought

University educators from any discipline interested in developing TEPs on specific themes. Generally TEPs, especially the first time they are implemented, do not involve the creation of a new course but involve adapting existing course curricula together with partners and UNICollaboration tutors.

Partners must work in an EU country and/or the Southern Mediterranean region as defined in the European Neighbourhood Policy: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia.

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Are you new to Virtual Exchange and want a brief course to learn more about it and specifically TEPs? Take the Basic Training

Are you teaching a course in the autumn semester 2018 and would you like to embed a Virtual Exchange into it? Take the Collaborative TEP Design

Are you an experienced VE practitioner looking to adapt your current exchange to the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange requirements? Take the Advanced+ Training

Are you a university staff member (e.g. international office, technical support, inclusion services, etc.) and would like to know more about how to promote Virtual Exchange at your institution? Click here to see our suggestions on how to get your university involved.

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