Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange for Universities

Advanced+ Training

Next Course: September 23 – October 20

Who is this for?

Professors who have already implemented VE, have a partner to work with and wish to adapt their project to be a Transnational Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Project (TEP) between January and July 2019.


Applicants have to have already carried out a VE (also called telecollaboration, COIL, etc.) together and must submit a joint proposal.

How is the training delivered?

On a Moodle platform and with synchronous video conferences

How long does it last and what is the time commitment?

2-3 hours a week for 4 weeks

What topics are covered?

  • What is Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange
  • Principles of Online Intercultural Discussion and Integration into VE Projects
  • Open Badges: Principles, concepts, criteria for TEP badges, issuing and endorsing
  • GDPR – Privacy Implications for VE Educators and Researchers

What are the benefits for participants?

  • Technical support for Facilitated Synchronous Discussions
  • Moodle Platform for TEP (if desired)
  • Recognition of VE project with Open Badges awarded to professors upon completion of training and successful implementation and to students up completion of TEP.
  • Participation in Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Monitoring and Evaluation to assess the impact of VE
  • Opportunity to become a paid mentor for future TEPs

How can I sign up?

Click here and complete the form with your information. Please note that there is no option to choose Advanced+ Training as this is reserved solely for experienced practitioners. Therefore, when you fill out the form, please provide as much information as possible regarding your experience and choose Collaborative TEP Design. The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Training Team will then get in touch with you to see if you qualify for Advanced+ Training.