Recognition of virtual exchange

Participation in virtual exchange activities helps develop a wide range of skills as evidenced in the work done by the EVOLVE project and the Erasmus Plus Virtual Exchange initiative. UNICollaboration understands that the time and effort put in to designing, implementing or participating in virtual exchange deserves recognition and to this end we developed a suite of open badges, a suitably digital way to share your competences with others.


Presenting UNICollaboration Recognition badges.


The resources on this page will help you to understand how to make the most of your UNICollaborate open badges and continue your virtual exchange journey. Our badges are hosted by Open Badge Factory, a platform based in Finland. We recommend creating a free account with Open Badge Passport in order to collect, manage and display your badges.


Open Badge Passport also has a mobile app which can be downloaded on android devices from Google Play. Here’s a quick tour of the interface.


The graphics used in our badges were designed by Jack Seymour Design

Frequently asked questions about badges.

UNICollaboration Badge queries

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